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Social Initiatives:

Women In Coffee

A Look Into Women's Empowerment In Ecuador Every day, women experience inequalities, even in the coffee industry. From taking care of farms to sorting beans, women perform much of the labor required in coffee production, yet receive little compensation for their contribution. Using coffee as an agent for positive change, Galletti created a line of specialty coffee, produced by women to benefit women, named Café Mujeres. Café Mujeres promotes gender equality and empowers women to create a greater life for them and their families.

Where Everything Started...

Galletti witnessed the industry’s inequalities firsthand while seeking small coffee farmers in the Ecuadorian countryside. During this time, they noticed that only men attended community meetings, sold products, and collected money. Furthermore, they discovered the money men received frequently went to alcohol, leaving nothing for their wives or children. In fact, women were often beaten and mistreated when asking about money. Outraged by this unjust reality, Galletti knew the pattern had to stop. In 2010, Galletti introduced Café Mujeres to recognize women’s work in coffee and provide them opportunities for economic freedom. As a ripple effect, Café Mujeres has since inspired women to pursue their own dreams, such as owning a house, having a nursery, building a shop, or selling crafts. Galletti allocates and matches a percentage of profits earned from Café Mujeres to self-finance the women’s entrepreneurial ventures, making independence a new reality.

Through their work in supporting women coffee farmers, Galletti has helped over 320 women with plans of reaching an additional 100 women per year as they continue to grow. For Galletti, the greatest reward is found in the freedom and recognition of these women, who are so considerably important to the coffee industry and world.

Galletti’s Commitment to Reforestation of the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest

Building a community not only involves caring for its people but its environment too. Galletti honors a social and environmental responsibility to their community, which is why they created an initiative called, Save The Cloud Forest. Through their work, they have restored over 240 acres of land affected by poor environmental practices, as well as created employment opportunities for the surrounding community. 

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Café Galletti: From the Field to the Cup

When it comes to Galletti products, premier quality is the standard. They aim to produce the best coffee their customers have ever tasted and the only coffee they’ll ever need. From years of producing top-tier, specialty coffee, Galletti has created a process of differentiation, traceability, and consistency that sets them apart. The proof is in the taste!

Life In The Forests

The cloud forests of the Andes are Ecuador’s environmental treasures because they conserve biodiversity, as well as generate and protect water resources for the earth and human life. One of Ecuador’s most prized cloud forests, Loz Galondrinas, is located in Carchi, a province north of Ecuador. Due to aggressive livestock actions, the area’s environment is collapsing, resulting in difficult living conditions and limited employment opportunities.

Given the situation, Café Galletti set out to Save The Cloud Forest and establish a culture of environmental conscience, benefiting the ecosystem and its people.

What About Planting Coffee?

In partnership with Las Golondrinas’ Cloud Forest Farmers Association, Café Galletti proposed a project to the Ecuadorian-German Chamber of Industries and Commerce to boost gradual reforestation through the production of coffee. The project was approved and the local ecosystem along with employment opportunities flourished with each new season. Galletti supported the initiative and its farmers by providing loans for post-harvest, an environmentally beneficial yet expensive practice.

Through every bag of Cloud Forest coffee sold, Galletti continues to support the small farmers of Carchi and their ecosystems through new initiatives.

Café Galletti Recognized For Its Social and Environmental Responsibility: 

Galletti believes in generating prosperity in peace while caring for the planet and its people. For Galletti, it’s not just about good coffee. It’s about people, communities, experiences, and dreams coming together to make coffee a lifestyle. Their mission is clearly supported by a few of the rewards they have received over the years.

Ideas That Help Your Community Award:
In 2012, Café Galletti, along with Las Golondrinas’ Cloud Forest Farmers Association, was awarded the Ideas That Help Your Community award by the German-Ecuadorian Chamber of Industries and Commerce (AHK). With the award, Galletti received national visibility for the Save The Cloud Forest project, providing them the opportunity to continue their efforts. Over time, Galletti has helped reforest 240 acres of cloud forest and generate greater profitability for producers in Carchi, Ecuador.

FOCO Ecuador - United for Women 2014: 

In 2014, the United for Women – Ecuador Cooperation Forum recognized Ena Galletti for her work in female empowerment. More specifically, her contributions through the Café Mujeres project, which seeks to improve the lives of women and their families in rural areas through fair employment opportunities. Over time, Café Mujeres has helped more than 320 women and inspired them to pursue their own dreams.


Starting with differentiation, Galletti has developed a profile for each of their coffees, based on different evaluation parameters, organoleptic characteristics, place of origin, type of roast, variety, and performance regarding the infusion and extraction method used. With the help of these profiles, Galletti provides its customers with the most desirable options, according to their liking.


From the farm to the coffee shop, Galletti guarantees traceability throughout its supply chain, providing customers the trust and transparency they deserve. Traceability not only creates more sustainable systems but higher quality products too.