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Family-Owned Business

Café Galletti is a family-owned business that produces and distributes Ecuadorian coffee.

Today, Café Galletti is a leader in the Ecuadorian coffee industry, available globally in supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels. We're committed to finding the most extraordinary coffee Ecuador has to offer. 

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Our Story

It all started when Don and Etta Galletti met in New York City many years ago. At the time, Don was a nuclear mechanic; and Ena was an Ecuadorian lawyer. They both loved coffee, which led them to open their first Café Galletti coffee shop in the middle of Quito’s Mariscal sector.

Since then, Café Galletti has expanded into producing and exporting Ecuadorian coffee.

What started as a dream has turned into a full-on mission to make the world a better place, one cup at a time.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to produce specialty coffee while honoring our social and environmental responsibilities.

While working with small coffee producers in the Ecuadorian countryside, we witnessed firsthand the inequalities women experience working in the industry.

We knew the pattern had to stop, so we created a line of specialty coffee produced by women to benefit women named Café Mujeres. This coffee provides wages and opportunities that free women from domestic abuse and financial dependence.

So far, we have improved the lives of over 320 women with plans to reach an additional 100 women per year with the support of people like you.

Watch the video to hear from the women themselves and see firsthand the hope you create with every purchase!

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Reforestation of the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest

Due to poor environmental practices, one of Ecuador's prized treasures, The Cloud Forest, is slowly collapsing.

Café Galletti has set out to save The Cloud Forest and create a culture of environmental conscience that benefits the ecosystem and its people.

That is why we created an initiative called, Save The Cloud Forest. Through the program, we provide loans for farmers to postharvest, which is an expensive practice that helps protect the finite resources for the future.

Together, we have restored over 240 acres of land in Ecuador and created new employment opportunities for the people in the surrounding area.

Every purchase of our Cloud Forest coffee supports small coffee producers in this area and their complex ecosystem.

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