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100% Environmentally Responsible.

Helping The Planet One Cup At A Time.

Our coffee is single-origin, which means all the coffee beans come from the same region producing a pure, bold flavor.

When it comes to our products, premier quality is the standard. We aim to produce the best coffee our customers have ever tasted.

After years of producing coffee, we've created a process of differentiation, traceability, and consistency that sets our coffee apart.

What Makes Our Coffee Special?

Cloud Forest

The hot air that comes from the pacific crashes against the Andes Mountains and creates a cloud that sits on the edge of the mountains. This subtle moisture makes the coffee from the forest juicy with bright acidity.

Ecuadorian Mountain

In Ecuador, we have multiple ecosystems. In the central Sierra of the Andes Mountains, we have very dry valleys; the coffee suffers most of the year from hydric stress. This results in the beans holding the nutrients to carry them until the rain comes. Making this coffee like the flowers that bloom in adversity very delicate, sweet, and elegant!


In Ecuador by the east side we have the rain forest with many rivers and prolific jungle life. We are connected to the Amazon River and is considered the most bio diverse region of the planet. Because of the amount of water and the endemic trees shade the Amazonian coffee is characterized by being fruity with a grapefruit finish.  

What Makes Our Chocolate Special?

Here at Galletti, we take special pride in our fine Ecuadorian chocolate and are eager to share it with the world!

As with our other products, we work with Direct Trade Relationships and Farmer Co-Operatives to ensure the highest quality chocolate.

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