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Café Galletti was featured in article titled, Spread the Christmas Cheer Holiday Gift Guide 2020. Read the full article here.

"It is made using strictly 100 percent natural products, 100 percent Ecuadorian chocolate and organic fine aroma cacao. It is a high-quality 87+ rated chocolate, making it a specialty. Varieties include Bella Donna (fig and rose petal), Amazonica (pineapple, passionfruit and energy plant), Orange Mocha (orange and ground Galletti coffee) and Andina (strawberry flakes and raspberry).

Café Galletti’s coffee is backed by a standard of premier quality, with the aim of producing the best coffee customers have ever tasted. One hundred percent environmentally responsible, the company’s coffee products include medium roast, medium dark roast and dark roast Arabica specialty coffees and espressos. Flavors include House Blend, Woman’s Coffee (which promotes possibilities for Ecuadorian women and their families), Ecuador’s Cloud Forest, French Roast from the Volcanoes, Ecuadorian Mountains, Amazonian and Espresso from the Volcanoes."