About Us

Café Galletti is a family-owned business dedicated to the production and distribution of pure Ecuadorian specialty coffee. Today, Galletti is a leader in the Ecuadorian coffee industry, available in supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and companies. They have expanded globally, and export to the leading international coffee brands with an ongoing commitment to find and select the most extraordinary coffee Ecuador has to offer.  

The Beginning:

Café Galletti is a product of Don and Ena Galletti, a couple of dreamers who found in coffee a lifestyle, chance for happiness, and ultimate community. This undeniable appreciation led the Gallettis to bet everything on the brand, even their love story.

Don and Ena met in New York when Ena, an Ecuadorian lawyer, and tireless entrepreneur, traveled to the United States to study English. In New York, she found the love of her life, Don Galletti, an Italian American New Yorker, who was a nuclear mechanic and coffee fanatic. Later, the two married and moved to Ecuador, where they opened their first Galletti shop in the middle of Quito’s Mariscal sector.  

Fly Me to the Moon:

Soon after opening Café Galletti, Don and Ena transitioned into the production and marketing of specialty coffee, where they discovered a world of opportunities for small Ecuadorian coffee farmers. Introducing the concept of specialty coffee to Ecuador was far from easy, but to the Galletti family, it was an exciting adventure too good to miss!

Quickly, Don, a nuclear mechanic, adapted his knowledge to build Galletti’s first coffee roaster. This innovation sparked a passion in him to share their story of coffee and business through a radio program called, Fly Me To The Moon. Through Don’s broadcast, Galletti coffee landed on the shelves of Ecuador’s main supermarkets because the head of purchasing was a faithful listener of the program. In just three short years, the brand evolved from a quiet shop in Quito to a national coffee distributor.  

Back to the Beginning:

In 2005, Galletti entered a difficult time when they closed the coffee shop to focus solely on production for the goal of becoming Ecuador’s leading coffee provider.

By 2011, the company had strengthened its exporting operations, setting them apart from competitors. It was during this time when Don and Ena decided to return to their roots and reopen the coffee shop. The shop returned to its original location in 2015.  

The Team In Ecuador 

Café Galletti Continues as a Family Business in the United States:

After becoming Ecuador’s leading coffee brand, Café Galletti will make it’s highly anticipated debut in the United States with the help of Jonathan Bodt, a lifelong friend of Don Galletti. Don and Jonathan grew up together in Carmel, NY, more than 40 years ago. Throughout their adult lives, they have stayed connected. However, it wasn’t until this past year when they explored the idea of going into business together.