We Made Newsweek's List

Café Galletti was featured in Newsweek's article titled, 5 of the Strongest and Boldest Coffees Taste Tested. Read the full article here.

"Unlike other coffees on this list, this one from Café Galletti isn't banking on added caffeine for its strength. It is, however, advertised as having a strong, intense flavor, so I wanted to try it in the context of other strong coffees.

The strong flavor was potent on the first sip, to say the least. While the coffee may not be targeted to those looking for an immediate buzz, it is a bold dark roast that might be enough to wake you with a slap of flavor. To that end, this coffee did have a rich aroma and leaned a bit sweet.

Even hours after my morning cup of coffee, I could taste its lingering flavor. It's bold, but Café Galletti also mentions that it will be most appreciated by those coffee drinkers with an Italian palate.

Impact: There was no additional boost in energy, because there's no added caffeine like other coffees on this list. That's OK! If you're traditionally a light roast coffee drinker, the strong and intense flavor might be enough to provide a jolt in the morning with a full-on buzz."